Mechanical Repairs

Are you having trouble with your car not running as it should? Have you noticed strange sounds, performance or behaviour? Sometimes these things are easy to ignore but it's important not to delay diagnosis - your car could be dangerous to drive.

When you experience a problem with your vehicle you imediately start to think expensive repair bill and it's easy to put off booking an apointment but delaying could cost you more in the long run. Lots of problems start small and snowball as time goes on and this can result in damage to other components as well.

Most common problems we resolve for our customers:

  • Can't start vehicle or difficulty in starting vehicle
  • Dim faded headlights
  • Brakes that feel spongy or noticeably worse than normal
  • Steering that veers to one side or misaligned steering wheel
  • Recurring electrical gremlins or persistant battery drain problems
  • Unexplained increased fuel consumption
  • Clutch pedal not behaving correctly or clutch slipping when accelerating

From brakes and exhausts, to clutches, gearboxes and suspensions, our friendly team of technicians offer down-to-earth, affordable mechanical repairs. We only use parts from trusted manufacturers and provide a repair warranty for all parts and labour. 

Some of the repair services we can provide:

  • Starter Motor & Alternator replacement
  • Diesel & Petrol fuel injection systems test and diagnosis
  • Economical exhaust system repairs
  • Battery replacement
  • Suspension components replacement
  • Head gaskets and cylinder head repairs
  • Clutch and flywheel replacement
  • Tyre puncture repair and fitting
  • Transmission issues and driveshaft replacement

We are an independent garage and we never over-inflate our prices, aiming to provide a fair affordable repair service for our customers in the local area and beyond. We'll explain everything to you in laymans terms so you fully understand what we're doing and you can rest assured that we'll only repair what needs repairing or replacing! 

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